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Chuque Berry
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September 2011
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Chuque Berry [userpic]
So yeah, is this thing still on?

Been forever since I put as few keystrokes to screen here.

in true holiday tradition I am rather depressed, a fact I didn't fully realize until I was looking at the last slice of a large pizza I ordered today (and planed to be my normal 2 and a 1/2 day meal allowance)

I still have a job ... I hope, actually no I have more job security now than I have had in years. Well not that I am really confidant in my job, but I know that I would have to screw up pretty bad to be let go, and "security" is a pretty recession proof business cause as one client tole me a couple months ago " I have to have this working by Friday, I leave to go out of town and there are people in my neighborhood!"

I have been reading a lot lately right now just a series of stupid fiction novels, but for a dyslexic guy to crank out a book in less than a week; I'll take that as a point of pride.

The dog is healthy (as much as a shar-pei can be) happy (as much as a shar-pei can be) and gassy (more so than a shar-pei should be) she still makes me laugh all the time, but I have to admit I have been thinking about getting a second dog for a few weeks. So the first thing you (and everyone that I have mentioned this to) will say is what about New York, moving one dog will be near impossible two will be out of the question. I know this, and even knowing that I am still a little torn, if I get a dog then I am more/less "giving up" on New York. But man I would love to have another big dumb tard like Georgie, or another stoic protector like Guido, or some new personality type that will challenge, infuriate and inspire me.

I STILL have yet to dig myself out of the debt I built up from when I was unemployed almost 2 years ago. I do good for a few months making steady payments, and then "life happens" for as many months; sigh it just weighs heavy on me.

Also I'm fat, I can't seem to find my motivation to change that, I was doing good for a while last year then stopped. I keep thinking that if I spend money I didn't have on a gym I would do more, but honestly floor is free and I haven't done a push-up in months.

I hate this time of year, I have for most all of my life.


I'm sorry, man. It was good to hear from you, though. The radio silence was unusual.


*Hugs* Hang in there, Chuque! You got a big puppy who loves you, and we're all here in your corner. Hope things start looking up soon!


Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic

What a great resource!