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Chuque Berry
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September 2011
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Chuque Berry [userpic]
So yeah, something is a foot...

at the office as of late.

My assignment load has at least tripled in the last two weeks, and while I am doing my best to keep all the balls in the air and complete everything, where I was being told good job, fast work etc, you know very generic but nice to hear none the less. I am now being told well if that is the best you can do, and I guess that is good enough. To top that off there was a push to change my schl and I pushed back offered alternatives etc, and was more less told to shut up and work it. One of the (former) advantages of my job is I could easily take public trans to work. When I worked third shift I would take one of the last buses to work and one of the first home. and now on second I take one of the last home. it works out very nicely, However now they have me working 6pm-2am and the buses here stop running more/less midnight.

Now I know I have been meaning to get a (working) bike and bike to work for several weeks now. but as those of you that know me know that feeling forced into a course of action is the best way to get me to not follow through. So now instead of being excited about getting a bike I feel forced and bitter overall.

not to mention that working 6pm-2am means that I can not go out with bartley to dinner before work like I did. or out for drinks with dirtyunclerod like I do now. I am going to NYC at the end of the month, and on the advice of friends I am not doing anything dumb (which is very much out of character for me) and just sucking it up till I get back and then threaten to quit and/or take a dump on my bosses desk.


Dude! I got so sick of my schedule always changing (ie: getting longer and longer) at my old job, and I was basically told to shut up and take it too. That's one of the many reasons why I quit. I hear the transit thing too. Depending on what hours I was working, I could either get there in half and hour or an hour and a half.

That sucks man.

That's a shame that having a job is going to end up screwing with your social life.

Of course, NOT having a job might have a similar effect. And, you know, with companies failing left and right, jobs are going to be plentiful and full of benefits for the next couple of years.

If I were you, I'd go ahead and take that big ol' dump and walk, man. Just sit back and wait for the next gravy train. It'll be along here in a second.