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Chuque Berry
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September 2011
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Chuque Berry [userpic]

It is crappy cold sleety weather like this that make me both look forward to and dread moving up north


This? This is a decent night in October in NY.

I was there in october ;) It was a bit colder but no sleet/rain while I was there ...

I'm not trying to talk you out of moving to NY (okay, maybe I am a little)... I just want you to be fully aware of what you're getting in to. I wouldn't want anyone to move to Austin without coming down here in July and I wouldn't want anyone moving to NY without being there in the dead of fucking winter when the water in your eyes freezes if you keep them open too long. That's all I mean.

I lived in Milwaukee for a couple years so I have a bit of a clue what a real winter is like, sure it isn't a real honest to god NY winter but I have dealt with 40+ inch over night snow fall and the like.

You get used to it, and there are drugs to help you cope with the *bleakness*

Wait a minute... when did you decide to move? How did I miss this news? When? Where?

well I don't have an official move date yet hence no grand announcement, but I did decide after returning from my last trip to the city over Halloween that I was going to make a real effort to move there. and the first step is getting a job, which I have a bit of an inside track on one now, and if that happens then go forward from there... So many things to figure out, it is a little intimidating This is the most emotionally charged move in my life (another reason I haven't spoke about it much)