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Chuque Berry
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September 2011
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Chuque Berry [userpic]

They always say be careful what you wish for, as you may just get it.

For decades I have wished for a telecommute job; visions of working from home sans shoes (and pant-less Fridays) being one of the cool kids with a laptop at the coffee shop, able to go to the bank, ya know during bank hours etc ...

Who wouldn't want that right? Through the many twist and turns in my life I now have just that a 100% telecommute position, there isn't an office for me to go to even if I wanted to.

So yeah I may still be in an adjustment period, as I am both brand new to the company and telecommuting, so maybe I'll get better at it over time. but right now I am very whelmed on the verge of overwhelmed.

I have my desk area set up as efficiently as i can (until I move into a new place), have pretty comfortable chair; most importantly I feel productive when the work flows across my desk. The downside while I can go to the coffee shop to work I feel less efficient so I don't go. I am so paranoid about missing an email,msg, phone call etc I don't leave the house to go to the bank. When I get the type of problem that you may stay an extra hour or two to work on ( ya know instead of fighting traffic home) I will work it til it is solved or 3 am (so I can get a nap before the 6am alarm)

In less than 4 months this job feels like it has taken over my life. When I am not at my desk I am not at work and enjoy my friends, my town, and the world; but I can't easily leave my desk.

hey at least I'm not wearing shoes


I'd heard that telecommuting took some getting used to - but I wasn't expecting to feel crushed by it. Others told me that it was, perhaps, the fact that I MOVED STATES AND HOUSES at the same time. That made a lot of sense. But as you pointed out, it was my same job - so I guess I had that going for me.

Now that its been a month (and not an easy month at that) I wouldn't trade my well-documented "NO PANTS" attitude for anything else.

Work/life balance is a tough thing to establish, but for your sanity, you're going to have to. Give yourself set hours. Force yourself to shower and get dressed before you get started, like you would a real job. Only break your established hours for rare exception/emergencies. And for the love of God, give yourself breaks and go to the darn bank! :)

while I understand the need for consistent hours, the nature of the job just doesn't allow for that. we are nation wide team, so I am "on" from about 7am to 7pm on top of that there is a lot of after hours work as well.

This isn't a 9/5 office job, that I can do from home.

That being said you are right I need to find the balance and that will come with experience, both in the job itself, and in telecommuting. Until then I will just go a little crazy.

P.S. You, the guy, and me for dinner? I am free all weekend My treat. Call me Friday let me know?

Hiya Stranger! Funny that I randomly opened LJ today & you were the first post I saw!! I hope that everything is going well (I haven't read past this first post yet).

Yeah ... I'm in a job that is (FINALLY) after much pushing on MY part allowing the telecommuting.

For awhile I had the structure of 2 days in the office & 3 days at home -- alternating between a Mac using Photoshop & Excel, & a Windows box using Gimp & Open Office!! THAT got really confusing, but it DID have advantages.

It definitely has its own set of challenges ... but overall, I am saving SO much money by not driving to RR everyday & I don't come home so tired after sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours that I don't have the energy to DO anything.

One of the hardest things for me is that currently I'm the only non-owner that telecommutes (& for the last year or so, the primary bosses have been in the office most of the time). Communication (& getting responses!) has become a real trial. Hopefully being a 100% telecommute position you don't have that issue!

Next step for me ... convince them that I don't NEED to work "office hours" & just get my hours in (or tasks done) whenever! lol

(Oh ... & get a laptop capable of being able to work from the park or something! lol & a cell phone that I can sign into AIM with so that I can do laundry or go swimming for my breaks. hehehe)

Overall -- I'm glad that I pushed for this & got it. It just DOES take an adjustment!! I'm sure that you will find that balance eventually.

Edited at 2011-09-16 01:51 pm (UTC)

Ugh... WFH. I don't know... some of my friends WFH for a major portion of their week. Several of them make a lot of money... double what I make and I can tell you from the amount of time they spend on FB and some still on irc all day, that they're not working half the amount I am. Some even boast their "slackitude". (Okay that was me venting because I work my ass off and make half what they do.)

Anyway, I am allowed to WFH, if I want, once... twice a week. As long as I produce. There are some ppl in my office that I know who take advantage of the WFH. I'm not a big fan of the WFH. Blaine is like you now, btw... doesn't have an office to go to, for the most part. They have random open cubes for ppl to go to... if they need to, but it's pretty much a WFH situation. I know, for him, sometimes it's hard. I WFH last week. I got a fuckton of shit done... but I really don't like it. It's hard for me to concentrate. When I'm in the office there's absolutely nothing else for me to do... but work. The ppl I work with and say that they can "concentrate" at home. What a hunk of bullshit. Now I'm done.

Also, "Hi."

Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.